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Thread: 2013 Quest Torrent Review

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    2013 Quest Torrent Review

    In the past I haven't had much experience with the G5's Quest line. I have however heard nothing but great things about them and have yet to hear anything negative. My Pro Shop (Droptine Archery 100 Web Way Advance, NC) Has Carried the G5 bows since they opened. My first experience with any of G5's bows was my personal Prime Centroid. I love the bow.

    While we were at the shop this past Thursday night, Their Tech Coal asked me had I seen the new Torrent by Quest. I replied no and he said "man you have got to check this little bow out" We walked over to the hooks and he handed it to me.

    It is a ready to shoot package with really top notch accessories on it. Very nice G5 accessories. The sight is a 4 pin with a blue rheostat light and blue level which is really nice lit up. The rest is a new one by G5 and is not even on their website yet. Its almost like a hostage rest but has 3 spring loaded ares that really reminded me of what I would describe as a hybrid of a Bodoodle, whisker biscuit and hostage rest all wrapped up into one. If it is available for purchase in the future, I will be buying one and replacing my NAP Apache CARBON with it for 2013 hunting season. Its that nice!! The quiver wasn't anything to laugh at either. Just as anything else G5 makes, it was right there with the quality of the rest and sight. The stabilizer looked similar to an S-Coil. Not really sure of the brand and the wrist band was a neoprene style that was equally as nice. For a price point bow, I don't think anyone will be topping this one as far as accessories go this year.

    The finish was absolutely flawless. It was the Real Tree APG and just as nice as my Centoid. Not a flaw I seen anywhere. What was really impressive to me about the bows finish and construction was the limb pockets. Not some plastic junk like found on some of the other price point bows aout there these days. They are the same exact (or look it anyways) limb pockets that are on my Centroid. Nice, really nice.

    Cole tied a D-loop on and we headed back to shoot it. This was a 60# bow he had set up. Its a single cam solid limb machined riser bow. The specs are ATA 31", Brace of 7", Weight of 4.2lb, IBO of 322 and available in 25.5"-30" DL in half inch increments.

    I am going to try to be as fair as I can in the shooting part of this review as I can. I do not like a short ATA bow. I found that out after a mistake purchase of my 2012 Element RKT. I went from a 36" ATA bow to that. So, here we go. The draw was really smoother than I expected. It did build slightly on the back end of the draw as I expected it to from this single cam. It wasn't bad at all though and if I weren't use to smoother bows, I would probably not even be able to tell it. When it drops in the valley, it does it nice and smooth. It has a very solid back wall that I have come to expect from any bow that carries the G5 brand. Once on the wall, You were there. No creep in this one. letting down was a pleasurable experience. It did not feel like it wanted to take off on you at all. The draw cycle was just plane nice.

    The hold was a nice feel. The weight has a lot to do with it in my opinion. It held pretty solid. Going back to the short ATA, I wasn't a huge fan of the string angle. That's just personal preference of course. I like a longer ATA which doesn't have that steep crowded feel to it.

    I settled in and squeezed. The bow went off and it felt nice. I did expect some shock to it. After all, it is a price point hunting bow right? Not so much. It was dead in my hand and I did not notice any hand shock. It actually felt better than the Creed I shot a few weeks ago. Again, my opinion. This little hunting rig was quiet too. No need to add anything to hit the woods with it. After I shot it, Cole shot it as well and just as it sounded quiet to me when I shot it, It sounded just as quiet when he did.

    All in all, this bow impressed me. I could actually see my self buying this one for a hunting only rig. Considering it actually. This bow is going to give the BowTech Assassin a really hard time in the sales department. Coming in with his price at $499.00 fully loaded, Yeah, I'd buy it over the Assassin and I am a huge fan of the Assassin. If there was ever a bow that proved the fact you do not need to spend $1000.00+ to get the same quality as a flagship bow, this is the bow. I honestly would recommend anyone looking for a bow to add this one to your list to try.

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    Re: 2013 Quest Torrent Review

    Good review. If you plan to keep doing them, especially on video, I would add a chrono to the mix.

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    2013 Quest Torrent Review

    Oh, that's in the plans.

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